The Firm offers legal services in all lending transactions including project finance, trade finance, mortgages, asset finance and other loans, crowd funding and digital/mobile finance. We deal with banks, micro finance banks, credit companies, supply chain finance companies, international lenders, crowd funding companies, digital/mobile lending companies and insurance companies. In this practice area, we have retained an experienced team of advocates and support staff with high level skills and contacts enabling the Firm to deliver services efficiently.

International Trade & Finance

McKay’s commercial practice advises and negotiates for clients involved in global trade of goods and services to enable the client manage the risks and maximise the opportunities available in international trade and finance. Our range of legal services include inter alia, advising on customs matters, financing arrangements, insurance & freight and carrying out trade due diligence.

We offer legal services in supply chain finance, invoice discounting, factoring and other forms of trade finance. Our services in this area involve negotiation, drafting of documents, review and advisory work. Currently, we are advising an international company offering trade finance to businesses in the agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors.

Project Finance

The area of project finance has gained importance in recent years in light of high cost of loans. Investors have come up with different ways of financing projects.

Our Firm has advised various individuals and companies in various areas of project finance including, sourcing of funds, negotiations and drafting of contracts and structuring of projects. We deal with all forms of financing including debt financing, equity financing, contributions financing and real estate investment trust (REITS).

Crowd Funding

The Firm has legal experience in crowd funding across various jurisdictions. We have the capacity to advise on setting up, engagement with partners and structuring of loans, equity and donations. Recently, we advised a Swedish company in financing of solar energy companies in Tanzania.

Digital Finance

In line with the steady growth in digital finance, the Firm has built capacity to offer legal services in areas such as mobile money, mobile banking and online payments. We advise on setting up, engagement with partners, regulatory compliance and other legal issues such as liability, consumer protection, liability and ownership of intellectual property.


We recognize that in this dynamic business environment insurance is a must have for business especially in the financial sector. We have advised finance companies interested in mitigating risks of default in repayment in insurance matters. Additionally, we have built capacity to deal with all legal insurance matters.