We bring technical capabilities that are bespoke to each project and client’s needs. These qualities assist clients to define and successfully pursue their commercial tasks. We enable clients set up and develop the structures necessary to be successful with their business objective. Our corporate and commercial practice engages a wide variety of matters such as loan transactions, debt restructuring, financing contractual arrangements among others. We assist management in the creation and adoption of appropriate corporate governance principles.

Business Establishment

McKay advises on setting-up options for not-for-profit and for-profit enterprises in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Zambia, Mozambique and South Sudan. We advise on the legal, tax and regulatory implications of every set-up option.

We also advise on offshore business establishment for our corporate, investment funds, financial service providers and other clients. We deliver a multi-jurisdictional advice on the corporate and tax structure of the set-up and a wide range of corporate secretarial, administrative and support services to our clients.

Public-Private Partnerships

McKay works with government and private entities seeking partnerships in diverse public infrastructure projects and social enterprises in the health, transport, water & sanitation, energy & power, county governments and telecom & ICT sectors. We advise on the structure and taxation aspects, and negotiate, review and draft the commercial agreements for the PPP transaction.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to provision of transactional and legal services enable us to advise throughout the full PPP cycle from the Proposal, to the Framework, Design & Bid and the Implementation Stages of the transaction, which will enable the client understand, prepare and successfully implement the PPP transaction.

Private Equity

We are a highly integrated multi-disciplinary group of lawyers who know how to get deals done. We collaborate to provide clients with seamless service across industries. Transactions are increasingly becoming complex with investors requiring innovative, efficient legal counsel to ensure success. We ensure we formulate and implement creative strategies that enable investors mitigate risks and close deals.

Mergers and Acquisitions

McKay has the requisite expertise to structure and oversee mergers and acquisitions in diverse sectors and industries. We advise on the licensing, permitting, regulatory, restructuring, employment, taxation aspects of every transaction. We also carry out due diligence on the target entities which covers the corporate, regulatory, tax, property, employment aspects of the target entities.

Corporate Tax Law

Globalization creates complex tax issues requiring companies to deepen their knowledge of national tax laws and treaties. We understand the business and legal intricacies, effectively and efficiently partnering with our clients to meet these goals.

Capital Markets

McKay advises on listing in the main and alternative exchange of the bourse and capital raising transactions like commercial paper, medium term notes, et al. McKay also provides advisory services to listed firms regarding continuous disclosure requirements and corporate governance practices and carry out review of prospectuses and information memoranda.

International Trade & Finance

McKay’s commercial practice advises and negotiates for clients involved in global trade of goods and services to enable the client manage the risks and maximise the opportunities available in international trade and finance. Our range of legal services include inter alia, advising on customs matters, financing arrangements, insurance & freight and carrying out trade due diligence.

ICT & Internet Law

McKay boasts a team with vast knowledge and experience in the emerging territory of ICT and Internet law. We provide a range of legal advisory services on the use of telecommunication devices, mobile Apps, websites, the Internet, software purchase & licensing, e-commerce, electronic payments and communication contracts.