McKay works with individual athletes, coaches, administrators, executives, sports franchises, public sports authorities and other governmental entities to seamlessly tackle the myriad of legal issues in the realm of sports and entertainment. We advise on brand protection, merchandising and distribution. Our Intellectual Property lawyers work with our sports and entertainment clients from the outset to register and protect trademarks, ensure brands are established as revenue-generating assets, protect and maximize the value of trademarks and copyrighted works, and manage the legal issues involved in creating, distributing or using all manner of marks, merchandise and original content.

McKay also helps sports organizations and its members develop, structure and execute licensing strategies and agreements to enable them safeguard brands through licensing, sponsorship and endorsements of events, products, services and websites.

McKay also advises clients in the film & television, music, digital media, mobile & computer gaming, advertising and mobile & online betting business in respect of production, distribution, copyright matters, licensing aspects of films, television programs, music and videos, and litigate a variety of entertainment and media-related disputes.