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Daniel Munyiri

Associate - Head of Property & Banking Department

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Daniel Munyiri

Daniel is an Associate at McKay’s Conveyancing and Property Practice. He holds a Bachelor of Law Degree from Kenyatta University and a Diploma from the Kenya School of Law.


He has experience tackling complex property transactions, securitization, land use and planning.


Daniel heads the McKay & Company Advocates Branch in Nakuru and is part of the Conveyancing and Property Practice. Some of the notable transactions he has been involved in include the following:


  • Property transactions & securitization: advised Banks, Lending Institutions and Borrowers on the method and mode of securitization.


  • Governance & legal audit: assisted in carrying out governance and legal audits on government parastatals to establish the adequateness and effectiveness of the Parastatals’ policies, practices, systems and processes.

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