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McKay provides comprehensive and practical advice on all intellectual property matters, media and sports law.

Our Sports Law Practice routinely advises gambling clients around the world on all legal and regulatory matters concerning their gaming business operations in Kenya. We also advise individual athletes, public sports authorities, gaming operators and clients in the entertainment sector particularly in film and television.

Some of the notable work we have recently done include the following:


  • Gaming: advised a Kenya-registered online gaming company on all legal aspects of operating an online betting business in Kenya including the license application process, on a software licensing agreement and on the legal aspects of capital injection from international partners and on IP aspects involving its business, amongst others;

  • Gaming Software: advised a Kenya-registered company and drafted the necessary reseller agreement for the grant of exclusive supplier rights in Kenya of a licensed gaming software from a Belize-registered company;

  • Gaming Software: In collaboration with an international law firm, advised an international software developer company and gaming operator that currently operates several online social and real money slots in the UK and other European countries, on all legal and taxation aspects of the Kenyan phase legal regulatory framework on gambling and gaming;

  • Financial intermediary: In collaboration with an international law firm advised a company involved in providing payment services to gaming operators, on legal and regulatory environment governing their support services to a number of gaming companies providing gaming services remotely;

  • Remote gambling: advised a number of other international gaming operators on legal and regulatory environment governing the provision of online gaming services remotely;

  • Digital advertising: advised a top six football club in the English Premier League on all legal aspects relating to joint-digital advertising of a bookmaker’s services on their social media pages; and

  • Gaming: advised a Malta-headquartered company on all legal aspects of the establishment of a gaming business in Kenya and in three other African countries.

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