We conduct legal audits, due diligence procedures and offer compliance advisory services for our corporate clients including financial services players, state corporations, Non-Governmental Organisations, and all other corporate clients. The legal audits are intended for:

  • Compliance – To enable our corporate clients comply with laws and regulations applicable to the sector or business environment they operate. Some organisations are required to by law to carry out legal and compliance audits, for instance, the Code of Corporate Governance Practices for Issuers of Securities to the Public, 2015 recommends that listed and unlisted public companies carry out legal and compliance audits on periodic bases. Also the Code of Governance for State Corporations (Mwongozo) requires state corporations to conduct legal compliance audits annually;
  • Deal making – In representing our clients in debt & equity financing as well as mergers & acquisition, we conduct due diligence and legal audits of target businesses, intended to help our clients make well informed investment decisions. We also help target companies streamline or ascertain their legal obligations ahead of such transactions.

Governance Audits

Corporate governance is one of the most important practices for organisations growth. Various regulatory bodies have developed governance codes for use by their members and other corporate bodies.We have capacity to conduct governance audits for all organisations including private companies, financial services players, state corporations and other corporate bodies.